This journal serves as a medium for me to think aloud, primarily about history, social theory, and philosophy. More specifically, I want to elaborate a more sociologically grounded metaethics and come to a better understanding of state socialism through historical materialism – and whatever other tools look useful – but beyond these I tend to cycle through interests rapidly.

Apophatically, you should not expect to find much here about my personal life, or current events (except insofar as they illustrate something interesting otherwise), or WITBD.

Expect germane, polite comments made in good faith – and possibly some other comments – to remain undeleted and inspire a similar response. While you should not mistake this for an ideologically neutral space, you should not take it for an ideologically exclusive one either. I have found discussions across moral  chasms among the most productive and interesting ones, as long as nobody attempts to score points (many discussions among comrades could benefit from the same advice.) I say this not to denigrate the virtues of agonism, even hatred; Schmitt got it right, and when we return to the real world, enemies become enemies again and must slay each other ruthlessly. The conceit of a zone of free inquiry entirely distinct from the real world, however ridiculous, does serve some useful purposes, though; mine in curating this journal one of them.

The title refers to some layer of hell or another. Everybody likes their hells stratified. One of the great regularities.

M. Wasser


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